The developers of Signal are currently doing a user survey:

I told them that I really like the app but also that I would like:
a) Signal on @fdroidorg
b) a proper desktop client
c) no data stored in "secure enclaves"

Maybe you'd like to tell them, too?

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Original tweet :

Now Apple ships their products without chargers..

Soon they'll ship bare PCBs like ..

Then, they'll ship only SoCs..

Then, they'll ship nothing, but still people will pay $1000 - $5000 a year without realizing that they didn't buy anything..

Starting today, your donations to Tor will be matched by a group of donors who believe in the importance of resisting the surveillance pandemic, up to $100K.

With this match, your impact will be DOUBLED:

I did this gag early this past July.

Not accusing that cartoonist of ripping off my idea, just sayin'.

Just got UART half working (Tx, no Rx yet) on uCISC processor. Sending a stream of asterisks to my desktop computer at 9600 baud. Have a few bugs still to work out, but I’m so close to being able to send messages back and forth to my processor.

They say war on terror but act like war on encryption.
Taking away the very freedoms they claim to protect - again.

WinApps for Linux allows running Windows apps such as Microsoft Office in Linux (Ubuntu) and GNOME as if they were a part of the native OS, including Nautilus integration for right clicking on files of specific mime types to open them.

"Serverless is a misnomer used to induce the idea that you are no longer dependent on hardware, when instead you are abandoning the ability to run on 99.9% of the world's hardware, in favor of only being able to run on AWS"

Re-reading the great book 'The internet is broken - But we can repair it' that I received from Marleen Stikker after I won the privacy quiz at the Big Brother Awards show by Bits of Freedom (no luck involved at all :). That same evening, Marleen received the Felipe Rodríguez privacy award for fighting for internet freedom and privacy.

I'm looking forward to her lecture in the Week of Inspiration at the University of Twente:

@aral is on the left page!

Improving your mailbox is what all of us at Tutanota love to do every day. 😍 Last week we pushed out a release with minor improvements and bug fixes. Check the full release notes here:

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