I think I just figured out why "healthy as a horse" is a saying. If the horse gets too sick they shoot it. 😬

Anyhoo, super looking forward to my annual checkup in a week. =D

After some reflection, it's definitely the kids.

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Not sure if I'm just getting old or getting better jobs or if it's the kids, but it feels good to be back at work.

Hello mastodon dot social. I am super hard at work this Friday morning.

OH at work: "I don't read SQL. I just run it."

How come none of y'all ever told me about the greatest family reunion song ever written?


So I took this motivation survey for work and it says here my #1 identity is a troll. I have to say I was not expecting this kind of accuracy from a personality survey.

I took an OS update (stupid, I know) and now the key combination alt+right causes the screen to lock. And I can't google it because fucking nazis are making a comeback.

Also, if you thought the drop was done for now, gird your loins. I just bought so it's guaranteed to go down again. ;-)

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It's payday. I bought bitcoin so hard this morning.

Great, now I have to track down an envelope and a stamp because in 2018 we still have to use dead trees to file an insurance claim.

Also, not that you asked, but y'all should give this guy a listen. Go ahead and crank the volume to 11. 😉


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If you, like me, find yourself constantly killing dbeaver when it freezes up, well today is your lucky day! I don't have time to make dbeaver suck less, but I *did* have time to write a cleverly named alias. =D

This tootstorm brought to you by Mid-Afternoon Malaise™.

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And Windows is an ugly bitch that your overly conservative parents keep trying to hook you up with.

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A MacBook is pretty much your cute, hip girlfriend with a stable job and good prospects for the future.

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Ubuntu is exactly like a smart, sexy, cool, funny, unreliable, and sometimes psychotic girlfriend.

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Well I got back together with Ubuntu again. We have a love/hate relationship; I simultaneously love and hate Ubuntu. Ubuntu is, of course, indifferent to my existence because Operating Systems don't have feelings.

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