just remember, even on your worst day, you're better than the person your youtube recommendations think you are

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the most inexplicable recommendation youtube makes to me is the user whose uploaded videos are all just different home video of 9/11 happening

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@vogon Me: Watches a video demonstrating the effects of different firearms spanning about 250 years against a medieval helmet.

My recommendations: Not as bad as I was expecting, surprisingly.

Me: Watches a video about videogames.

My recommendations: A cesspool, but on fire.

@vogon I thought this was a porn site at first.
I then looked closer and realised it was a gay porn site, what with all the topless men

@vogon the Cyrillic underneath Brock Lesnar at the far right fits way too well.

This is because he is the 21st century’s unstoppable Soviet bad guy from every film, despite being from SD. #embrace

@vogon Boy howdy, I sure can’t wait to see what happens when Peter becomes a millennial

@vogon truth!

I watch the same yoga video most mornings followed by 5 minutes of silent black screen (as a timer), youtube is on a mission to find increasingly radical leotard recommendations for me ... nooo

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