RT @vogon@twitter.com @MaylenaMcEvoy@twitter.com @bigmonsterlove@twitter.com which ultimately means that, if these "moral algorithms" were deployed, this survey itself can create a perverse incentive for car manufacturers to come up with some proxy for "doctorness" or "criminalness" even if it's based on, like, face recognition tied to linkedin

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this is why I think "moral machine" is actively harmful and not just silly bullshit that should be ignored, btw

and given the racial biases in criminal justice, it's entirely possible that, say [thinks for a second about which car company is likeliest to do something completely amoral] a tesla/uber joint venture could use it to argue "but customers WANT racist cars"

anyway the objectively correct rubric for the trolley problem is "kill the occupants of the self-driving car first" because the people who should be made to bear the heaviest weight of signing lives over to a machine are the people who funded the machine's existence

glib answer: 🤔
more serious, practical answer: if full autonomy is such a liberatory technology, and if it results in such a drastic reduction in traffic fatalities, people would still be jumping over one another to buy a self-driving car even if this were legally mandated

and yes I think there's a case to be made for extremely strict government regulation of "trolley problem solvers" if they ever exist, so we don't end up with an ecosystem of "prioritize the driver at all costs" cars, which is an equally degenerate solution


oh and a reminder that the only person killed by an AV so far was a homeless jaywalker, a bone-stock car of the same model would've spared her, nobody ever faced jail time for it, and the company that did it is applying for permission to deploy AVs again engadget.com/2018/11/03/uber-p

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@vogon yeah the fact that uber wasn't just fucking nuked from orbit for that is a real christmas (read: nakedly evil capitalist) miracle

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