"there's a certain irony, mr. speaker, in the fact that today is the anniversary, in 1535, of henry VIII styling himself supreme head of the english church" is the worst intro to a speech in the brexit bill debate by miles

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john bercow is really good at the "I'm going to turn this car around" tone of delivery which I assume is about 90% of the job of being speaker

the weirdest little thing I keep getting caught off-guard by in this debate is how the person with the floor has to sit down when the speaker calls order

members of parliament fighting over who can scream "no" the loudest, until the speaker stands up and yells "clear the lobby", infuriating them all

I completely forgot that that last division was on amendment F and not the main motion so I was very surprised by it coming back 24-600

@vogon he can only save it by leading parliament in a rousing chorus of i’m henry the eighth i am

@vogon Bercow is extremely good at his job, which is seemingly pissing off his own party by not abusing his position.

Shame the people of Buckinghamshire don't get representation, as a result.

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