there are two wolves inside the bitcoin community: the wolf that thinks that any PR is good PR, and the wolf that knows that the president of the united states saying "bitcoin should be illegal" is not actually good news for bitcoin

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it's going to be very fucking funny watching at least a few democratic politicians with bad ideas kneejerk themselves into being bitcoin advocates over the next couple days, though

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as points out it’s definitely gonna be andrew yang first, followed by whoever gets hit with painfully insipid “but cryptocurrency provides financial services for unbanked people” rhetoric

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@vogon I'm no expert on bitcoin, but you're talking about the same President who asked if Canadians burned down White House, speaks of the Prince of Whales, thinks the Press is the enemy of the people and invented the word "confeve". Nobody needs to take his opinions seriously.

@4deuces @vogon covfefe*, Canadian troops were involved in the war of 1812 when the White House was burned, and Charles is actually the Prince of Wales

But Trump's still a dumbass piece of shit.

1) British troops burned down the White House.
2) He said "Prince of Whales".

@4deuces Canadians were British at the time and people from Canada served in the British military. The same was true of America during the Revolution.

I didn't realize the latter bit though because I mostly ignore him


We specify British Army because a mob of pre-Canadian militiamen would have never made it to Washington by themselves.

@vogon doesn’t the president know where his cocaine comes from?

@vogon omg what are wolves doing with bitcoin? that sounds super dangerous!
those wolves are going to lose all their money!

@vogon @Gargron Bitcoin was created by crypto anarchists to take power away from demagogues like Trump. Bitcoin is just some code people have working on (for 10 years now) and Trump just aknowledged that it is now competing with the hegemony of the USD, and you think that's bad?

@vogon @Gargron It is also the exact opposite of what the chair of the Fed stated yesterday:

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