installed some kailh speed golds on my keyboard tonight and you know? not a huge fan honestly

I like that there's a shorter amount of travel before actuation but I don't like that the keys have (what feels like) the same amount of total travel

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it feels like stepping into a mud puddle and your shoe gets stuck

gonna stick with em for a few days, see if they grow on me, but idk man

I'm also really appreciating the added stability (especially on big keys) that the stems on kailh box switches over the more-traditional cross-shaped stems on the speed golds

@vogon Gotta admit that's what I've felt with basically any non-clicky switch, just varying levels of disappointment. (Conversely I do love the Kailh Box Whites on my current keyboard.)

@keithzg yeah the switches I replaced with these are kailh box whites and they are absolutely fabulous

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