a pleasure to serve alongside you, your highness

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uspol, 2020 primaries 

every time I see this video I have a renewed love for the agent that runs sideways doing air guitar motions with its arms

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Real-life footage of my progress as a programmer

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every time I watch a baseball game I'm reminded of how much game state there is to keep track of in baseball

lmao the stranger did a second pressing of their endorsements issue without the half-page cover ad for a candidate whose competitor they endorsed

uspol, 2020 primaries 

shoutout to this extremely subtle seattle reference in destiny 2


tfw you have a firewall between advertising and editorial

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This is a stunning design failure on The Stranger’s part. (They endorsed Sawant, but that advertisement along the bottom of the cover makes it look like they’re endorsing her opponent.)

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Google Stadia's VP of engineering claims that Stadia will be "faster and more responsive" than local gaming hardware in "a year or two"

"Negative latency" will allow Stadia to predict your next button press/movement/action and do the input for you


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me: "you are a guardian, george w. kushhh. this is... your destiny."
@onidavin@twitter.com: "eyes up, george."

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you know I don't like to have to transact business with valve, but steam names are one of the best things to happen to destiny 2 since launch


[choral plainchant voice] ohh OHHH ohh ohh ohhh ohhhhhh, oh OHHHH ohh ohh ohhhhh

the standards for legends have fallen precipitously in recent years

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