gonna copyright the idea of posting a pic of a bowl of soup next to a mixing board with the text “in the stu” before those chucklefucks at campbell’s get to it

I lied about stealing 50 grand of heroin from MS-13 members and them mostly being chill with it. I’m sorry.

if you can find it in your heart to forgive me, send $5 to Sorry Dude, 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield. you have the power.

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construction worker walking by me on the street as I took this picture: *boisterous laughter* everyone likes that one

@directhex YEAH! and it's got some cool multiplayer mechanics that I'm very interested in seeing how they develop

@directhex cookie clicker, spaceplan, universal paperclips, factory idle, and a tentative recommendation (I haven't actually played it, but I have watched the numbers go up) for time warpers

this is not to say that CC is one of the best games in the genre but it feels like there’s a lot of design space left to be explored that most new clickers still barely touch

as a connoisseur of the clicker genre it really bums me out that cookie clicker is still one of the most interesting games in the genre after years and years (though it’s still under active development so that might be unfair)

this is very weird and not even necessarily unpleasant but also I have no idea how much I'm sweating but it feels like a lot

me: ah some menthol cream will be nice to take down this muscle soreness in my arms
me: [accidentally gets some in his armpits]
me: [googles "is it possible for your armpits to piss themselves"]

you ever think about how in the video for "you get what you give" the lead singer of the new radicals is obviously wearing a mickey mouse t-shirt inside out because someone in legal at the label didn't want to deal with getting the rights cleared

other nerds, boring: "sonic hedgehog" proves that biologists should never be allowed to name things
me: wikiwand.com/en/ChIA-PET

excited to announce my new startup

RT @HottestStartups@twitter.com

Startup idea: A vast block of despair and cynicism consolidates the dominance of the world market.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/HottestStartups/st

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uspol, 2020 primaries Show more

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