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ubuntu: do you want to install updates while installing ubuntu? it'll make your install faster
me: yes, thank you friend
ubuntu: okay I'm done [reboots]
me: now it's time to get productive on my fresh new ubuntu install
ubuntu: hey I need to install 82.4 MB of updates

a new building is opening up on the campus I work on with a big sign on the wall, which hasn't even been fully installed yet, acknowledging the monetary contribution of jeff & mackenzie bezos


smart move for the democrats would be to introduce the exact same bill, but keeping funding levels the same instead of cutting them by 5% every year, in the house today, and saying disingenuously that you'll work the details out in reconciliation

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this is an apparently intentional design feature of golang, lmao

I'm not sure I believe that it's Good to make maps iterate in a random order every time you do it but I get the impulse

there's a piece of software I have to work with which has a command that dumps its environment to stdout for debugging purposes, and not only does it dump them out in an arbitrary order, but the arbitrary order changes every time you run it, which is legitimately impressive

it is pretty impressive that the stranger managed to reenact the village voice/LA weekly "alt-weekly gets bought out by a fascist and turned into a soulless husk of its old self" act without changing ownership though

continuously amazed at how dan savage hasn't made a single good editorial or hiring decision in years and people in seattle still treat him like some sort of liberal icon

RIP blue C sushi, which started out as a good, pretty cheap place to get sushi but was run by people who kept hiking prices, then resorted to completely hiding the menu that told you what everything cost and abruptly folded for no good reason

and as a reminder, in 2016 the CEO of uber was still travis kalanick

she was going to make sheryl sandberg either her treasury or commerce secretary, her campaign CTO was a long-time googler, the 2016 DNC had a VIP lounge sponsored by uber

tech executives might think that under a clinton administration the government would be making noise about unions and antitrust but that's because tech executives are not exactly the smartest people on earth

or, to put it another way, the ideal of "information wants to be free" is only liberatory if you operate the information economy; it gives you nothing if the information economy operates on you

the number of tech workers who took for granted (maybe still take for granted) the idea that tech is perforce civil libertarian is really ridiculous

I thought code 451 was a bad idea from the day it was announced and I'm glad that reality is proving me correct


"help, the government is censoring my tracking cookies"


in light of this new evidence apple should've seen it coming, smdh, steve jobs is rolling over in his grave

I hit play on this just as zip was playing hitman on the paris level and walking onto the dancefloor to a long fade up on some generic techno, and it really added to the effect


I’ve watched this 3 times already


it is almost equally funny that the world governing body for freediving is called "the international association for development of apnea"

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