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I'm sorry Mastodon. The truth us you're more of a casual interest than a dedicated hobby. But look at it this way: I use you about as much as I use Facebook. You're tired for second place! See? It's not so bad.

Birdsite but wistful 

One of my favorite people on the birdsite was a slightly senior left-wing lady with a lovely fuzzy little dog who used to post lovely fuzzy little dog pics and otherwise mostly get excited about her time smoking "the devil's tobacco" and I haven't chatted with her for a while and that's a bummer.

while yall are here peep the soundcloud for the sound of me weeping uncontrollably

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My Mastodon TL is a four-ingredient slurry of homestar screens, sexy stuff, drama and helldude

Nuthin' beats the homestar screens, sorry

So it sounds like banned accounts are getting rebanned all over again on the birdsite?

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