Symlinks (via @lolamby@birdsite)

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@rick_777 @volt4ire I used the mnemonic that "Target" comes first and Target is the name of that store that got hacked a few years ago

@volt4ire just remember that it's like the semantics of cp!

cp src dst
ln -s src dst

(but yeah i feel you.)

@volt4ire All you (and by you I mean whoever, I'm sure _you_ have a solid grasp on them 😉) have to remember, is that the thing you're linking to is mandatory, so it always comes first. The name/location, that's optional, so it comes second.

cd ~/
ln -s /foo/bar

is the same as

ln -s /foo/bar ~/bar

Now which you call src and which you call dst, I can't help you there 😀

Is it "cp target source" or "cp source target"?
ln works exactly like cp, so if you don't have trouble there, ln should be easy as well.

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