This makes me so happy: the Tusky Mastodon client will refuse to authenticate anyone who tries to use a Gab instance and rickrolls them instead

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@volt4ire Oh, that is funny!

Someone complained earlier that it undermines FOSS to block Gab. It undermines safety to allow them.

@volt4ire Those are one of the best code reviews I've read recently.

(Mostly 'cause our technical leader is on vacations these days.)

literal garbage copied from the github just don't open this really 

@f0x @measlytwerp I don't want to waste too much of my time proving that you're wrong — both of you people I respect — but free software is not a political movement.

With this modification they are doing something against the will of the user. There is no slippery slope argument/fallacy needed here, it is already inacceptable

@mooshoe @f0x why?

From where I sit it's perfectly acceptable to say, nah, you can't use my software to be a bigot.

@measlytwerp @f0x I mean, it's alright to block people from using your software. They also have a very good reason too.

@measlytwerp @f0x This issue doesn't have anything to do with free software, though. I think it's completely reasonable to question the decision from a project level standpoint.

@measlytwerp @f0x Mastodon's client API is an open protocol. The app stores banning all apps that use it would be like them banning all email apps because a Satanic cult is using them to recruit members.

That's not my arguement though. It's just them doing the ban as a politcal statement is a mistake. And plus, there are many other extremist groups using Mastodon. What about them?

@mooshoe @f0x sorry, was having an argument with a not particularly civil individual.

I'm not trying to defend the actions of Apple and Google to be clear, just pointing out the danger that Gab being in these apps poses to those apps.

Other extremist groups fly below the radar, Apple and Google have no reason to care about them, and no reason to care about us.

@mooshoe @f0x I brought this up as even if you disagree with the app developers doing it for political reasons then here's another reason that's entirely in their own self interest.

@mooshoe @f0x and here's another.

If open source is about the users, then wouldn't it make sense to try and prevent an explicitly harmful community from interacting?

There is nothing of worth on gab, nothing to be gained from listening to those people, from giving those people a platform from which to promote hate.

If this isn't the app developers responsibility, then who's is it? Who is going to protect us from the consequences of their hate?

@mooshoe @f0x let Gab users develop (or fork) their own client, and let them take the risk and burden themselves.



@mooshoe @f0x gab serves the far right, it's nobodies responsibility to give them a voice.

They tried to do it themselves and failed, being cancelled by Apple and Google with extreme prejudice.

Let me ask, what do you think will happen to Mastodon apps when Apple and Google realise that gab is using them to circumvent the ban?

Do you expect them to apply nuance? I expect them to ban all Mastodon apps.

@volt4ire Doing this makes you no worse than twitter, don't like them, block them.

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