@volt4ire @matrix I missed this talk, is there a transcription or other written summary available?

@volt4ire @matrix matrix should know better to throw stones in their fragile glass house
@feld @volt4ire I am pretty ignorant to the history - has matrix has some issues in the area previously?

@feld @volt4ire if you can see fragility please spell it out (to security@matrix.org if appropriate) rather than spread FUD...

@matrix @volt4ire it has to do with the software stability and your wonderful flagship instance unable to federate heavy traffic rooms reliably

@feld @volt4ire oh, ok. we’re working away on synapse and it should be improving, but still has a way to go. thanks for clarifying...

@volt4ire @matrix In his talk, I dont see that he means all solutions to be one or the other, but merely advocates that in the instance of signal.app it is better, more agile. - that does not mean all of the internet is to be structured this way, nor should everyone use signal.app, or exclusively.

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