@volt4ire Things are getting too politically heated, everyone calls us "Nazis", it's boring now, these people shouldn't be losing their jobs for this, something that's merely boring me. I said it when it happened to the right, that this would be used to silence the left too in due time, and now the time has come for an age of censorship on the internet to begin. It's obvious enough that almost no one who asked for this will realize the errors of their ways until it's much, much too late, and that time is now it seems. The perils of giving government too much power. I don't wanna tell anyone "I told you so" but when I'm right about something so obvious to me for so long, that was so viciously fought back against, I kind of feel the need to point it out.

@volt4ire Uh, I knew about the nazis of course but I didn't know about #6MWE insignia. :-(

And the RSI eagle with fasces. Dammit.

Speaking of fasces, I created this category on Commons. I think some parts of the House might use a restyling.

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