"It's not just that blockchain is just plain stupid, or that Signal is tying itself to a specific blockchain currency. It’s that adding a cryptocurrency to an E2E encrypted app... invites all sorts of gov regulatory meddling: by the IRS, the SEC, FinCEN, and probably the FBI"

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WTF: Signal Adds Cryptocurrency Support schneier.com/blog/archives/202


"End-to-end encryption is already at risk. Signal is the best app we have out there. Combining it with a cryptocurrency means that the whole system dies if any part dies" schneier.com/blog/archives/202

@volt4ire Well, maybe Signal is at risk, not E2E as a whole, isn't?
I think Jami right now is a better alternative: jami.net/ (or even Tox maybe?, tox.chat/ )

@volt4ire i'm using email and gpg and nobody can stop me 😎 delta.chat

@volt4ire I agree 100% Signal should have just spun off another app for this and not contaminate the Messaging app.

@volt4ire An image highlighting a Wired article where someone from Signal is quoted saying "Signal has to offer payments in order to remain competitive with the world's top messaging apps."

@volt4ire depends on your definition of "competitive".

"competitive" in e.g., India, South America, Africa? Yes. They thrive on mobile payments and we're talking about a couple billion people.

@volt4ire Doesn't "stay competitive" just mean "we're desperate to raise cash in any way to pay for our centralised infrastructure's bills"? If this fails the next step will be ads and/or subscriptions, as with #Telegram.

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