The Freenode IRC's staff has quit en-masse after a hostile take over by a "Trump-supporting bitcoin millionaire"

"The now former staff members announced that they are launching a new chat network,, to continue Freenode's mission"

RT @🔒: My interpretation of it is that the guy who took over had a strategy to destroy existing IRC in order to then drive users to his new - probably proprietary, or at least somehow monetized - version of IRC. Sort of "creative destruction".

It might just blow up in his face, but if you're a multi-millionaire aristocrat who literally lives in a palace then there are no real consequences and you can just continue on to wrecking something else

@volt4ire /msg NickServ drop <username> <password>, you will then be given a confirmation string you have to echo once again and you are off (as a user) #servicetoot

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