@volt4ire Nice. So on top of everything his fash social network was just a ripoff of Gab lol.

@wishgranter14 @volt4ire pretty much.
There's been screenshots.
One could say that they just happen to look near identical.
I call that bullshit.
@volt4ire this is the only correct way to write articles about the golf enthusiast

@volt4ire Not only headline writers, the whole article is awesome! Kudos to the writers!

@volt4ire@mastodon.social best thing is that they not even once mention the name and i'll be damned if i did

@volt4ire great article, took me a few seconds to realise who they are talking about

@volt4ire I liked Florida man better when he was wrasslin gators on meth.

@volt4ire lol I thought it was the Bee or Onion for a moment

Golf enthusiast lol
@shebang @volt4ire The article is serious, it just uses silly names for Trump. They're more clever than the typical Voldemort and Drumpf stuff, so it's honestly pretty funny.
@volt4ire Looks like Florida Man went to community college!

@volt4ire doesn't trumps social media also use mastadons source code ??

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