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Good news, everyone. Ransomware is solved. Just install an antivirus.

tfw you open Grindr and it replaces the cached profiles from your previous location with new ones



President "We all heard the nagging questions, especially in the first month of this pandemic, 'Aren't nation states better equipped to fight this crisis? Isn't our union of 27 too slow to react?'"

"But Europe has proven these claims wrong."

never thought I'd agree with the Lawfare guy


I find it highly amusing that they wrote this like they were judges issuing a legal opinion. The board has some fabulous lawyers, so I get it, but at bottom it's just a for-profit company making a product decision.

lol of course


Interesting line in the New York Times today. Nick Clegg asked Tony Blair for advice on taking a job at Facebook. Blair (perhaps unsurprisingly) said to go for it.

scroll down for English


Status of the CCC Event at the End of 2021 Ende des Sommers haben wir weitere Informationen f眉r Euch

"let them eat Faberg茅 eggs"


鈥淐hrist is risen!鈥 鈥 Russian Easter card from the First World War (ca. 1915) showing Tsar Nicholas II greeting and offering a red Easter egg to a soldier.

YouTube Poop is the new IRC


If I had to guess, I'd guess that these weird YouTube comments are encoded pointers for malware to next stage download locations or C2 infrastructure.
The format seems relatively consistent, they can use legit video pages, and they don't seem to make sense as engagement fraud.

I'm really excited for this FOSS-focused infosec conference July 5-7th


Just a few hours to submit your research about Security+FLOSS to CFP and have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of previous speakers like or :)

the only way to win the 21st Century is not to play the Mutually-Assured Destruction game


What a crazy thing to say

how did she get a picture of my Animal Crossing island??


wtf even are some of these???????

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