sometimes youtube's auto-generated subtitles produces true gems




鈩 FC Barcelona has the confidence of credit rating agencies


I'm convinced this is some sort of marketing stunt for the new M. Night Shyamalan movie


Come join us for Virtual QUEERCON 2021! A series of social events to have fun and connect with lgbtqia+ folk in ! Spread out across QueerCord and Defcon's Discord.

Haven't covid victims already suffered enough?


Boris Johnson supports building a memorial to the victims of Covid-19 in St Paul's Cathedral. Guess who's been called in for a chat about it, according to



As a ClSSP certified in cyber, I think I need to inform Mike Lindell that the smoking gun is not in the routers. It is in the cables!
This was an anonymous submission from an OMG Cable owner.

tbf the Washington Post has always had a shitty pro-Washington Consensus line; Bezos' hands-off stewardship of the paper is more about laundering good-will from policymakers (ie: would-be regulators of Amazon) than about actively influencing its editorial line


man it pays to be rich

well that's disappointing 馃槥


A well-known neo-Nazi was a guest at a swanky fundraising dinner for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, a right-wing charity that tried to dig up dirt on a judge.

The neo-Nazi previously intervened in a case with the Justice Centre.

This is what happens when you "vote blue no matter who"


In letter, the New York state comptroller puts Unilever on a 90-day notice Re: Ben & Jerry鈥檚 ban.

鈥淭he Fund intends to include Unilever on our list of companies participating in BDS activity if these reports are correct.鈥

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