I hate when reviews for games come out before their release date – it makes waiting so much harder metacritic.com/game/switch/val

Yet another reason to hate Harvey Weinstein: he straight-washed the Studio 54 movie lenfest.arts.columbia.edu/even

Yet another reason to use Mastodon: it (kind of) has an edit button

Well this is one career fair booth I definitely won’t be going to

sorry youtube recommendations but there is no way I'm sitting through 44 minutes to find out

Wow I knew Steve Jobs was a terrible person but I didn't realize he was downright depraved (Brennan-Jobs is his daughter who was a teenager at the time) finance.yahoo.com/news/memoir-

Really, @Guardian@twitter.com? This guy literally endorsed a “final solution” for Muslims and the term you use to describe him is “maverick”?? theguardian.com/australia-news

Found this gem in the “World Cinema” section of the in-flight entertainment system

There’s no better way to send off a Vegas hacker con trip than with Hawaiian spam

So there’s a restaurant named after Milton Friedman opening up near me that’s gluten-free, which makes sense because that diet is as scientifically unsound as Friedman's economic policies westsiderag.com/2018/08/06/ope

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