Elon Musk really can't let the whole slandering the cave guy thing go it's like his version of Trump's Alabama hurricane forecast washingtonpost.com/nation/2019

Do you help run a federated or decentralised service in Europe -- or know someone who does? Please pass this link on. It's the application to meet politicians to discuss how the EU's copyright filters (Article 13/17) will be implemented. I worry about a backroom deal struck between Facebook/Google that excludes the next generation of open Net services: ec.europa.eu/digital-single-ma .. Please speak up!

rant about negativity on online friends 

The best way to pressure the FSF to sever ties with RMS is to cancel your membership/recurring donations and let the board know why.

RMS is viewed as the main driver of donations and support for the FSF, an asset as opposed to a liability. 💸 talks

i've defended rms' pedantry
i believe in free software
i believe copyleft is essential
i believe AGPL3 is the best license

i disagree with those who say "software freedom isn't important these days" or that ease of use is more important

but every time RMS makes the news he undermines the FSF and the free software movement 🤦‍♂️

i just e-mailed them to discontinue my recurring donation and told them why

gonna increase my donation to software freedom conservancy instead

@emacsen this is par for the course for PewDiePie though sadly 😥

Really enjoyed this podcast episode comparing the burgeoning field of video games criticism to the historiography of the novel pca.st/ckae2sqn (transcription: medium.com/@Hegelbon/no-cartri)

Our latest episode is out, featuring discussions on public transport tech failures, McDonald's automated drive-thrus, Steam account hacking, and ransomware attacks on schools download.2600.com/mediadownloa (RSS: 2600.com/oth-broadband.xml)

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