It's funny because the Islamic Republic of Iran has far less reactionary views on transgender rights than does Bette Midler


fun fact: the 1984 version of Threads was originally scored by Eurythmics but the studio made the director replace it with a more traditional instrumental soundtrack


lofi nuclear war to study and relax to

I'm convinced that Kundun isn't an actual movie that exists outside of the Sopranos universe

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welp this is now an Italians Mad about Food account


To conclude the presentation of 'New Energies', the new alliance born from Europa Verde and Sinistra Italiana, the leaders of the two parties Bonelli and Fratoianni came on stage showing a watermelon (green outside - red inside).

July 2, 2022.

This is a thousand times worse than Handmaid's Tale's robotic Soul Scrolls


lmao how the fuck is this real

he's a 10 but he has an irrational hatred of systemd

It's funny because Michael Richards has the same politics as the boomers who post minion memes


The American ruling class will literally inject Botox into their bladders instead of investing in public transport



Just saw this on LinkedIn: good to see 🚝🚅🚂🚊 coming together to make Rail Operators and Rail Undertakings more secure.

Last night I dreamed my high school Italian professor died and my classmates did a Weekend at Bernie's with her body so we wouldn't get any homework. Then her ghost went on Dancing With the Stars and her dancing partner was Jeff Bezos

Just saw some cute Mormon missionaries pestering old people in Chinatown

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