I'm really looking forward to this new Stephen King book

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every day i feel so grateful to live in Maine instead of a made-up state like Utah or New York City

not going to lie I was actually really excited about Space Jam 2 before reading this

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turning Space Jam into Ready Basketball Player One is a really painful way to kill my childhood

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SPACE JAM: A NEW LEGACY includes cameos from The Matrix, Mad Max, DC, and Casablanca franchises as LeBron James & his son travel through the Warner 3000 entertainment "Server-verse鈥 whilst AI G Rhythm tries to steal LeBron鈥檚 Instagram followers.

(Source: ew.com/movies/space-jam-new-le)

Apparently 1 out of every 30 people on the planet has participated in the mass uprisings in India.

Internet of Things

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Scare someone in IT using 3 words. 馃憞

Reminder that the BSidesSF security conference starts at noon Pacific tomorrow (Saturday). It鈥檚 virtual, and free! Check it out at bsidessf.org/

@be I'm generally skeptical of Google products too but they have a pretty good track record with languages (eg: golang and kotlin)

Whoa buried lead: "Canonical will make Flutter the default choice for future desktop and mobile apps it creates"

you wouldn't download a CryptoKitty

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Warning: There is a project called "Binance Punks" that has taken the art from CryptoPunks and is selling it as a copy on another chain. This is in no way an authorized project.

please nobody show this to Ray Kurzweil

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The latest generation of adversarial image attacks is, uh, somewhat simpler to carry out openai.com/blog/multimodal-neu

Wasn't that a Chapo episode?

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dsa venom caucus


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Without using any gendered terms, what is your gender?

This is your brain on Rationalism

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Or at least, Scott thinks it's not wrong to say broke Berkeley grad student's class > Trump's class if the former likes Thai food and Hamilton, has never been married, has "cutesy pins about how cats are better than children", and has standard liberal politics.

the only war on drugs I support is a war on the hypodermic needle model

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