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"Regulators and consumer advocates can't respond to deceitful ad campaigns if they don't see it themselves" โ€“ on targeted advertising

De Blasio is opposing a commercial rent control bill that would help tackle NYC's epidemic of shuttered store fronts

Itโ€™s really disappointing to see tech pundits treat GDPR (which is a good albeit imperfect first step towards protecting online privacy) as a threat to internet freedom along the lines of the EUโ€™s copyright filters and Five Eyesโ€™ backdoor mandates

Really enjoyed this podcast interview with Mastodon creator

There's something deeply ironic about objecting to a Handmaid's Tale costume on the grounds that it doesn't adhere to puritanical dress codes

I love that thereโ€™s an entire podcast series devoted to each week's Ubuntu security updates

I hate when reviews for games come out before their release date โ€“ it makes waiting so much harder

I really hope they get Quad City DJ's to do the Space Jam 2 soundtrack

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