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I can't believe it took until nearly 2019 for to publish a "socialist case for Hygge" take

ughh I'm less than 5 minutes into listening to the first talk I downloaded and I've already heard "grandma" cited as the prototypical user in need of tech support

This is so cool! Someone made a font based on historical opticians' charts — and it's freely-licensed

Debian Clojure contributor, Python packager and Conservancy supporter Elana Hashman talks about the fediverse, how she got started in #freesoftware and sustainability,

"RMS beauty tips" was not what I was expecting when I googled "RMS"‬

This is just a dev kit but I'm pleasantly surprised to see Purism's Librem 5 phone is turning out to not completely be vaporware

Depicting Marx without facial hair is a form of revisionism I can get behind

23andMe's ancestry reports only have a 50% confidence interval, "meaning your report is as likely to be not true as true"

Holy crap I knew how disastrous the eurozone was for non-German economies but this graph really drives the point home

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