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Some prominent digital rights orgs are trying to stop the sale of the .org registry to a private equity firm:

I dreamed that Episode IX was so bad JJ Abrams had to attend every screening of it and release golden retriever puppies into the audience

Is there any documentation on the *usage* of full text search for Mastodon instances that use it? There's plenty of documentation on how to install it but I mean from a user perspective. I'd like to know if there are advanced operators for things like time of post, or your basic AND/OR/NOT logic operators.

RT @🔒: There are parts of this piece that I agree with, but the notion that corporate diversity initiatives have sapped the capacity for class analysis among women and people of color in tech is demonstrably untrue. On the contrary: frustration with the limits of such initiatives have often served as a powerful catalyst for tech worker mobilizations that articulate themselves in class terms

The lastest devolution of What Time is the Superbowl articles

Sweet Android will be switching to the mainline Linux kernel, which should massively improve the proprietary driver situation

Do you have to have played Second Life to undertand Half-Life 3?

I spent all day at an anime convention and now I keep accidentally referring to Hunter Biden as Hunter x Biden

If you're in NYC make sure to attend the's hackathon tomorrow!

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