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slyveon is best pokemon, not only is it basically a living trans pride flag. but it evolves to that when it feels loved

This is really worrying: the Open Source Initiative now appears to be succumbing to lobbying from sketchy blockchain startups to approve problematic licenses

Uncut Gems just surpassed The Farewell as my pick for best film of the year (although I haven't seen Parasite yet). I wasn't prepared for how intense it was, so it wasn't the film I most enjoyed watching - that would be Hustlers.

UKPol Labour Leader 

@pamela The Halcyon Cinematic Universe

They're the same story, really. Nerdy new kid trying to find their place in a school they're too cool for.

I will never, ever tire of seamlessly transitioning from the end of Mean Girls to the beginning of Hackers with the same song, this was a damn *gift* given to us by the movie industry

NYTimes: "In killing General Soleimani, Trump took an action that Presidents Bush and Obama had rejected, fearing it would lead to war"

On privacy versus freedom. @matrix details a reply to #Signal lead developer Moxie Marlinspike after his recent #36c3 talk


This is a great rejoinder to Moxie Marlinspike's pro-centralization encrypted messenger talk at

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