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I hope mark “shuttleworth” Ubuntu will end up settling on a fursona though. I’m glad for him that he’s experimenting all over the place! But he might want to settle down

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Wow these are really damning numbers about VR sales: the best-selling VR unit, the PlayStation VR, has sold less than the equivalent of what the Sega CD add-on did for the Sega Genesis

Startup idea: Beyond Meat but for plastic straws

Has anyone ever seen Yoko Taro and Daft Punk together in the same room?

"When it comes to Apple, even if you’re paying for the product, you’re still the product: sold to app programmers as a captive market, or gouged on parts and service by official Apple depots"

Some rare bit of good news coming out of Brexit: the UK won’t implement the EU's upload filter and link tax-mandating copyright directive

Important point about the respective rise and fall of the far-right and center-left vote in Italy (and the west writ large)

I'm so used to having a dark cover I almost thought this bookstore didn't have it

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