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The Washington Post defending Emmanuel Macron expanding the welfare state? These are strange times indeed

Great point on this week's episode that given the increasing prevalence of supply chain attacks, auto-updates might actually be a bad thing for projects like WordPress that are heavily reliant on 3rd party plugins

Should have taken that “which will happen first: a global pandemic or star citizen release” bet 5 years ago

@volt4ire of course, a thousand times zero is still zero... although I'm not saying that's necessarily the case

TIL Denso (known for car parts) made a cellphone in 1994 called the T204. I didn't know this arrangement of buttons was a thing on mobiles, but I suddenly want it on everything

I found about the phone on Denso's history brochure (PDF in Japanese):

And their About page in English:

RT Call 202-919-7073 tell your Senator to vote NO on "cloture" for the PATRIOT Act.

This will allow members of Congress to actually talk about all the ways this dangerous law has been abused to spy on Americans. Let's put an end to invasive government surveillance.

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