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pleasantly surprised to learn from my cousins' social media posts that even Yellowknife is having BLM protests now

The Open Technology Fund is a publicly-funded organization that funds development and security audits of internet freedom-promoting FOSS projects such as TOR, Signal, Wireguard, and Tails; without it such projects might have never gotten off the ground

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Wow the head of the Open Technology Fund just resigned over lobbying efforts to force it to fund closed-source projects

in actuality automation rates have decreased, which is the result – not the cause – of inequality (ie: reduced labor costs lowering the incentive to invest in labor-saving automation)

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Yet more evidence disproving the claim that automation (which isn't even accelerating!) is to blame for increased unemployment and inequality

RT @🔒: "this is J.K. Rowling's charity's co-chair-- it's pretty straightforward that as soon as they're done trying to wreck the lives of trans people they'll come for you next"

Holy crap I was not expecting this SCOTUS victory for LGBT worker protections – this is even more significant than their marriage equality decision

"The ARM architecture, with the introduction of the Graviton2 processor by AWS, has closed the performance gap to Intel and even surpassed it for multi-core performance"

last night I dreamed that the DNC was typosquatting on variations of my name and redirecting them to Biden fundraising websites

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