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The guy who maintains Helm, an important package in Emacs, is a 57-year old alpine mountain guide who learned to program when he was 42, as a hobby.

thinking about the decades of pain Microsoft set themselves up for by apparently thinking they could not possibly release something called 鈥淴box 2鈥 when its competitor would be a 鈥淧layStation 3鈥

If you run a mail server you are obligated to have a working postmaster account

Re Apple鈥檚 ban on 3rd party browser rendering engines and streaming game services


This clause is definitely just here to provoke

Billionaires are theft


If Jeff Bezos gave all 876,000 Amazon employees a $105,000 bonus, he'd be left with exactly as much money as he had at the start of the pandemic.

Fuck yes!!


There's a new show. It's a panel show. You know how shows work, I don't need to hold your hand.

It's called I do it with It's exciting. It's new. It's a new thing for you to know about.

Listen to the first episode:

smdh of course Boston Dynamics named their killer humanoid robot "Atlas"


He's beauty, he's grace
Atlas parkours all over the place

"The problem, however, was that too many Americans concluded that all geopolitics after Hitler were Scmittian geopolitics... Indeed, the very terms 鈥済ood guys' and 'bad guys' only took off after 'World War II"

Somebody tell Oracle that Telegram's "own-rolled" encryption being written in Java isn't the selling point for the language they think it is


What's Missing From Oracle's List of the 25 Greatest Java Apps Ever Written?

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