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lol a Bank of Canada study found that people with poor financial literacy skills are twice as likely to get into cryptocurrencies

There's a fucking railway station in Japan that has no entrances. You can visit it only by exiting train and it usage is admiring nature.

I initially thought this was referring to NPM instead of React/Facebook but that works just as well


Called it.

Anti-encryption "lobbying has moved from the U.S., where Congress has been largely paralyzed by the nation鈥檚 polarization, to the European Union... with the intention of presenting anti-encryption law to the EU Parliament within the next year"

Oh so that鈥檚 what they mean by 鈥渓uxury communism鈥


In Shanghai, women pool together money to share a piece of a room at the Ritz-Carlton, or high tea there, or group-rent a white Ferrari or a designer handbag for a day, or even second-hand Gucci panty hose.

Thread on how easily DDOSable Bitcoin's Lightning Network is


1/ Lightning is great, but can't say it is battle-tested. If script kids would be interested, they could take down those shiny new 5 BTC channels with negligible cost and no effort at all.

re: Cyber Command taking down ransomeware campaigns (alla Trickbot

RT It needs to, there's such a focus on Iran and such that the world is missing the threat actors burning down things at scale and assembling resources + tools + weapons + people.

Objectively The Good Lord Bird is really well done but I find it infuriating that it's 2020 and Hollywood is still "both sides-ing" the Civil War

Pandoc 2.11 was released today! :flan_hurrah:

- integrated citations processing
- nicer HTML output (inline CSS)
- better markdown compatibility (code blocks)

release notes:

I'll upload a binary for OpenBSD once it finishes compiling :goose_hacker:



Gen. Hodges tells us that the next US administration will have the same substantive issues with the Europeans as the present one, including on Nordstream 2 and Nato spending targets.



*whispering* the DOM is the one on top of the XML

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