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americans celebrating Thanksgiving by spreading disease is super authentic



Obama describes Lula in his new memoir as "having the scruples of a Tammany Hall boss."

"Botero her emails"


idk what you guys are talking about on here today but I wanted everyone to see this

(I don't actually think there was a conspiracy, I just want to see the royal family get trolled)

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I hope this season of The Crown ends with a Sopranos-style cut to black right when they're about to reveal who was responsible for Diana's death

Anyone who says that police abolition wouldn't work has clearly never seen someone being hushed by fellow passengers in the quiet car

Holy shit how did I not know about this??


First trailer for The Godfather Coda (Godfather 3 with a "definitice new edit" by Coppola himself)

For all the right Labour members crying that Corbyn Is back, you're not Labour and you should leave.

lol remember how people were saying that without Trump, Graham would go back to working across the aisle for sensible bipartisanship


SCOOP: Ga. SoS Raffensperger says Sen. Lindsey Graham pressured him to toss legal ballots.

you wouldn't curl a Bitcoin


Daniel Stenberg (curl author) has had his Twitter account hacked. The account was renamed to "Elon Musk" and is now pushing Bitcoin scams

I thought for sure this tweet was meant to be ironic but then I realized this person is a VP of Third Way 馃槬


White progressives training their fire on women and women of color who are under consideration to lead the nat sec departments makes me deeply uncomfortable about their allyship for those communities.

Especially when the nat sec community is dominated by white men.

lmao at how hard they had to try to come up with something nice to write about Melania

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