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Someone fixed the xkcd "Types of Scientific Paper" meme.

I'm really excited for this FOSS-focused infosec conference July 5-7th


Just a few hours to submit your research about Security+FLOSS to CFP and have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of previous speakers like or :)

the only way to win the 21st Century is not to play the Mutually-Assured Destruction game


What a crazy thing to say

between the MPAA, Bill Gates, and the guy who wrote the RAVE Act, it's like a veritable who's who of turn-of-the-millennium villains fighting against sharing vaccine IP



Poll: 49 percent of French agree that 鈥渢he army should intervene to gurantee order and security, without being ordered to鈥, following letter by retired generals in far-right Valeurs Actuelles accusing Macron of allowing slide into chaos

scanning for secrets leaked in GitHub commits: "a mean time to detect of 4 seconds, while developers have a 25 minute median time to react after being alerted"

full list of sites:


Did a quick check for sites opting out of FLoC using the Permissions-Policy HTTP header.

102 of the top 10k domains. 66 without Wikipedia, 52 without GitHub.

Other notable sites:,,,

how did she get a picture of my Animal Crossing island??


wtf even are some of these???????

The Seinfeld diner


Tell me your college/alma mater by showing me it鈥檚 most renowned local dining establishment.

oh wow I didn't know that the creator of Hunter x Hunter is married to the creator of Sailor Moon



It鈥檚 good that Vice has no notable connections to the Proud Boys

Humble died when IGN acquired them in 2017. Nowadays they're just another digital key seller with a tax deduction:

my great great uncle was one of Ceausescu's cabinet ministers


Do any of you have cool ancestors they don't have to be famous or anything

does anyone happen to have a high-quality copy of the Dan Kaminsky/Barbra Streisand remix? I'm trying to get a copy for tonight's episode

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