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Just released: Plasma 5.21.5 adds a month's worth of new translations and fixes, including to errors that occurred when stopping PipeWire streaming, dragging-and-dropping over panel, and more. Get all the details here:



Yellen, speaking at an event recorded *yesterday* says: "It may be that interest rates will have to rise a little bit to make sure our economy doesn't overheat''

I somehow just managed to accidentally fling a forkful of harissa sauce into my eye and it was probably the most painful thing I've ever experienced

don't they know he tried to ban circumcisions?


SCOOP: Coalition of Hasidic groups endorse in mayoral race, per in

scroll down for English


Status of the CCC Event at the End of 2021 Ende des Sommers haben wir weitere Informationen f眉r Euch

oh wow I didn't know about all this other stuff Dan was involved with 鈥 he was even more of a mensch than I realized 馃槥


Here's a great obit wrote about tech work that Dan did to address medical issues: DanKam mobile app for colorblindness; hearing-aid tech to help his grandmother; telehealth tools to better aid doctors and patients in Africa; and COVID research

"let them eat Faberg茅 eggs"


鈥淐hrist is risen!鈥 鈥 Russian Easter card from the First World War (ca. 1915) showing Tsar Nicholas II greeting and offering a red Easter egg to a soldier.

YouTube Poop is the new IRC


If I had to guess, I'd guess that these weird YouTube comments are encoded pointers for malware to next stage download locations or C2 infrastructure.
The format seems relatively consistent, they can use legit video pages, and they don't seem to make sense as engagement fraud.

damn now I'm even more sad that Robin Williams died馃槥

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I'd actually much prefer the Fyre Festival guy as mayor 鈥 at least his whole shtick wasn't trying to marketize social services


WOW -- incredible read 馃憞 Andrew Yang's "business experience" is just a stone's throw from the Fyre Festival.

I really enjoy seeing KDE apps getting their own fursonas-- I mean mascots

Kate's one got a facelift recently, now 100% more cyber:

馃帹 by Tyson Tan

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