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It took me 15 years to realize "Cyborg" stands for "CYBernetic ORGanism"

whoa the head of interviewed on CNBC!


"They managed to accidentally unplug , & and basically every property that they control from the entirety of the internet."

CEO Element joins me to explain what actually happened last night that shut out billions of users...



Wholesalers with "cooperative" in their business descriptions are not "farmer cooperatives" theyre speculative trading firms that prey on farmers by monopolizing the logistics and support profits in a given area.

They also manipulate the food supply by dictating profitable yield

Everyone is talking about WikiHow, but what about WikiWhy

(cont.) pays more attention to the effects of organized crime on the black experience 鈥 something that was conspicuously absent from the series, and is an encouraging reminder of how far we've come culturally the last 15 years

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The Many Saints of Newark was just ok; it's impeccably acted and provides a much less egregious take on fan service than the usual Han Solo's Dice prequel fare, but ultimately fails to justify its existence.Its main redeeming quality is that it ... (cont.)

Telegram took months to fix self-destruct message vulnerability, ghosted on the researcher who submitted it, then tried to silence him

(see also: misguided attempts to repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act)


Revealed Facebook whistleblower behind WSJ stories points stripping Facebook of content liability protections won't address the issue. Instead, Facebook must stop promoting content based on engagement. has advocated for this for a long time.



Facebook has removed themselves from the Internet routing table.

Guess Zuck finally grew a conscience.

Cant exactly say I'm looking forward to the take of the guy who depicted Occupy Wall Street as a superhero villain on the morality of the US nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki

you can only do it if you have an egg avatar


Can you just announce being an partner on Twitter or is there like a vetting process



The EU-USA Pittsburgh Statement is a bag of contradictory slogans. Declares a , supports business as usual. Blames "non-market-based" economies and "state-owned enterprises" aka China, forgets fossil subsidies and corporate welfare.

I knew Elon Musk was dumb but I didn't realize he was "induced demand-Truther" levels of dumb

RT Induced demand is one of the most irrational theories I鈥檝e ever heard. Correlation is not causation. If the transport system exceeds public travel needs, there will be very little traffic. I support anything that improves traffic, as this negatively affects almost everyone.

"People talk about the "PayPal Mafia", but it'd be better to call it the "Stanford Review Mafia" because many of those folks came out of Peter Thiel's right-wing newspaper...that kind of energy was the culture of PayPal & this group going forward" 鈥 Thiel biographer Max


On the latest Slate Money: What鈥檚 going on with the PayPal Mafia?

Damn that M茅lenchon collapse 馃槹


France, Ipsos-Sopra Steria poll:

Scenario: Barnier as LR (EPP) candidate

Macron (LREM-RE): 26% (+2)
Le Pen (RN-ID): 17% (-3)
Zemmour (*): 15% (+6)
Barnier (LR-EPP): 11%

+/- vs. 2-3 September

Fieldwork: 29-30 September 2021
Sample size: 1,500

re the much-hyped "Fairphone"


This device is going to get at best around 2 years of proper security updates due to using an SoC launched in late 2020 with 3 years of support. They're claiming they'll be providing something they won't really be providing without doing the work for it.

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