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This is so cool!


Another key inclusion in the latest draft of the Democratic Memory law is the right of descendants of those who fought in the International Brigades to request Spanish citizenship.

Something 1st promised a year ago by Pablo Iglesias and then didnt appear in the initial draft law



Today is a day of many deliveries. First, I watched the latest episode of "Invasion", episode 7, "Hope". Then, I watched the first episode of "COWBOY BEBOP," which is available on Netflix today at ..... I changed my mind and

The saddest part is that Buffalo is one of the few US cities with a still somewhat intact light rail system

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tag yourself, I'm "iTurd"


of all the code ever written by a microsoft employee, this section from the code that implements exchange accounts in outlook express is by far the best

This is even dumber than "military-grade encryption"


crypto aspirations:

鈥淚magine a DAO with a smart contracts which were pre-ordained to carry out, say DDOS attacks on entities that tried to harm it or shut it down.鈥

crypto tech enthusiasts have *bizarre* ideas of what programming can practically achieve.

So much for "sharing blankets"


Breaking: Starbucks reaches new low in effort to fight union. They fired our whistleblower, Brittany, for exposing Starbucks鈥 anti-union campaign to partners in Buffalo. We鈥檙e asking your help to support Brittany, who鈥檚 battling leukemia, during this time.

I would totally buy this


Yes, I'm an art connoisseur

I really hope more FOSS projects take up this pledge! The only other one I know of is 鈥 anyone know of any others?


Our commitment: will not integrate a crypto asset wallet, issue crypto assets, promote NFTs, or otherwise attempt to profit from the crypto asset gold rush. Here's why:



Some finds from 2002 & 2003 issues of VM+SD, a magazine dedicated to visual merchandising & store design

Pokemon flagship store - Rockefeller Plaza (2001) - designed by The Phillips Group - included the full article in image 4



* NPM 'replica' service briefly leaked private scoped package names

* A vulnerability could "allow an attacker to publish new versions of ANY npm package using an account without proper authorization."

* NPM to require 2FA from 2022

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