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A review blogpost on the #Framework laptop running #Ubuntu #Linux. Makes me want this laptop more and more, but the question addressed about an upgradeable GPU is one that concerns me as well.

The 20th Anniversary Compaq


Today鈥檚 unusual find: a Compaq Presario 3060.

This is so cool!


Turns out that most ping implementations don't remember the timestamps at which they sent the pings. Instead, they store the timestamp in the payload in the ping packet, and expect it to be the same in the reply. I made a program that changes the payload, faking lower ping times.



Washington is fleshing out new rules governing who can do what on the moon 鈥 but while many of America's biggest allies have moved quickly to sign, France and Germany aren't yet convinced.



Complaining about corporate organisations using open source when the author first released their open source software under some non-copyleft licenses sound like counter productive to me. They forgot the four freedoms of free software.

This is so cool! a Crown Heights deli simulator game where you have to constantly switch languages while talking to customers

Please be Diddy Kong Racing-style open world


Mario Kart 9 is reportedly in "active development," and will allegedly feature a "new twist."

thanks moxie


Until this moment, local DAs and state AGs didn't have a lot of levers to pull if they wanted to attack an E2EE provider, but the addition of money transmittal could change that. NY is especially powerful in this area:

iMessage and monopoly 鈥 Details of how Apple's strategy for proprietary messaging was a deliberate anti-competitive strategy to bolster their products #linkblog #appleiosmonopolymessagingrcssmstextphonetootme

how dare someone try to insert ideology into *checks notes* a free software project that respects users' data security and privacy


yet another win for the liberal ideological campaign

This is almost as dumb as the "scandal" over Gordon Brown accurately describing that anti-immigrant lady as bigot


Here's a video I did with Sun Editor-in-Chief on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appealing to our worst instincts by portraying the unvaccinated as racists and misogynists. Dividing people in a crisis is not what great leaders do.

How did I not know that Union Station had a theater??


This is part of a thread about stand-in locations that took you out of the movie, but also: The West's decline began when they ripped out the Phoenix Theater in Union Station and replaced it with a Walgreen's.

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