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Check out our latest episode featuring on his new Paul Manafort opsec fail story. Download it at or subscribe at through your podcatcher of choice

year of the linux desktop is a weird meme because i havent used anything but linux on the desktop for maybe 15 years

It is false and defamatory to suggest that you should get Julian Assange a parrot

"I asked Warren if there was a reason she wasn't mentioning Medicare-for-all. 'No, no special reason,' she said... Contrast that with Sanders, who never lets a speech end without talking up Medicare-for-all"

lmao r/ChapoTrapHouse shutdown temporarily to celebrate reaching 69,420 subscribers

Pelosi insisting on austerian PAYGO rule even after the Problem Solvers Caucus dropped it as a demand makes me realize she's even more conservative and out of touch with her party than I had thought

After the revolution, every year will be the year of the Linux desktop

Just learned about this #firefox feature: "% <term>" in the location bar searches for <term> through your open tabs. Nice!

This is a good birdsite thread on rushed attribution in the recent newspaper malware attacks

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