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I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by the cryptocurrency gravy train

I'm so bummed I didn't make it to defcon this year โ€“ con fomo is way worse than conflu ๐Ÿ˜“

Bought a pocket radio with AM, FM, and SW. Pretty much everything you need to know about #shortwave, and the internet for that matter, is found in this comment from the manual:

[O]nce the sun goes down, the shortwave bands come alive with music, news, propaganda and even some pirate radio stations.

KDE developers have fixed the bug that allowed the execution of potentially malicious code. The update is already in neon and will appear in your distro shortly.

I just just found this awesome tool to add support for PDFs, .docs, subtitles, databases, and even OCRs of images to [rip]grep

To be fair to the feral hogs guy, you really do need an assault rifle to handle them since they follow Final Fantasy 1's combat system where if your target is defeated by another character in the same round your attack is deemed ineffective rather than moving on to the next enemy

Hi everyone! My name is Chris. I develop apps for the GNOME desktop, and host Iโ€™m currently looking for full-time work so that I can pay essential things like food and rent. I would really appreciate any financial help you can spare.

One-time donations are at

My Patreon is at

the Internet did a fantastic job convincing itself that the social media of every major company is handled by a summer intern and not multi-million dollar marketing firms

Has anyone posted a good synopsis of the amendments that passed/failed at this weekend's ? The only things I've been able to find about them are indecipherable subtweets

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