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Join us 3pm EST on Sat 8 May for the QueerCord Town Hall! Hear about QueerCon's efforts to go virtual and provide feedback on what you would like to see. We'll send out the Google Meet link out on Saturday. Hang out with us on QueerCord until then!

this is awesome 鈥 all you have to do is add "" in front of the URL!!


Launching the next incarnation of my phishing report tooling: 馃帲

It's like's excellent gotphish鈥om but interactive: steps check off as you do them, and some are dynamic (e.g. it automatically templates an email to the hosting provider)

you seriously cannot make this New Labour shit up


Peter Mandelson, who led the People鈥檚 Vote campaign, now says that Labour needs to adopt 鈥淏rexit values鈥 to recover after Hartlepool.

More neck than a flock of turkeys.

This might be even more egregious than California forcing prisoners to work as unpaid firefighters

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holy shit I knew about NYC's Hart Island being used as a burial ground for diseased Rikers Island prisoners, but I didn't know they were forcing the prisoners to do the burying labor

@jalcine I'd be very suspicious of someone who toots that.

If Linux = Terminal to you, are you going to be toxic as we strive to break that association? Without even taking the terminal away?

someone really replied "if you're not comfortable using a terminal, are you sure you want a Linux phone?"

I shouldn't have to be using the terminal on my phone in transit with EDGE connectivity to install a graphical text editing app so I can take a note of something.

That's stupid.

putting all this engineering effort into anti-stalking features but denying the protections to people who can't afford an iPhone is classic Apple


The anti-stalking mitigations on Apple's new Air Tags are trivial to circumvent, especially if the person you are stalking doesn't have an iOS device of their own.

And I'm mad about it.

Italian state broadcaster RAI tried to censor a rapper's denouement of Lega's homophobia

"Issues with reduced scope and disjointed plot imply that RE Village faced a path to completion that was brutal, cut-filled", and, I would assume, crunch-filled



President "We all heard the nagging questions, especially in the first month of this pandemic, 'Aren't nation states better equipped to fight this crisis? Isn't our union of 27 too slow to react?'"

"But Europe has proven these claims wrong."

never thought I'd agree with the Lawfare guy


I find it highly amusing that they wrote this like they were judges issuing a legal opinion. The board has some fabulous lawyers, so I get it, but at bottom it's just a for-profit company making a product decision.

lol of course


Interesting line in the New York Times today. Nick Clegg asked Tony Blair for advice on taking a job at Facebook. Blair (perhaps unsurprisingly) said to go for it.

it's funny how Fauci denounced IP wavers for covid vaccines mere hours before even the extremely middle of the road president endorsed them. I'm guessing it'll be like the complete opposite of Biden's early endorsement of marriage equality in terms of impact on their legacy



One of the most talented left-wing leaders of his generation, Pablo Iglesias retired from politics last night. n I look at how Podemos' wager to enter coalition with PSOE last year has not paid off in terms of halting its declining numbers

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