A boost is also a chocolate bar over here in the bad ol' UK, so I will literally gorge myself on your boosts

No Nut November?

FUCK that! Nut Erryday November!

Pieces of our hearts are gravitating together but
Before we could be part of this mosaic

We had to break apart like glass
We're falling faster than stars
Meanwhile, the cracks have formed on the masks we've worn up 'til now
Take a look
We are far from perfect
But perfect as we are
We are bruised, we are broken
But we are goddamn works of art

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We did this one decade ago already at the university... No news.
RT @johnrobb@twitter.com Generational shift.

SSO Wall of Shame: vendors that treat SSO as luxury feature, not core security sso.tax/

2 years ago, our baby left us before we had a got to see you.

This one's for you where ever you are.

: The idea that a club built around bronze-age explanations of our reality should be the moral foundation of our lives without question or corrections is ludicrous and frequently obscene in its lack of humanity.

The idea of 'belief' is, in that context, 'subscription without evidence' which is dangerous, cruel, and often lethal.

Belief for me means 'based on the weight of evidence so far' and is always subject change with additional information.'

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The world has been unkind to far too many good and lovely people and I just want to tell you that you're wonderful. I will keep telling you this as long as I can, because it's true.

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