Today I found out this exists.
Also: aww who's a good API? :joy:

Dear , could you please explain how is this a thing on now? Next up full integration? 😅

Today marks 6 years since we lost

Do yourself a favour and watch The Internet's Own Boy:

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Hi everyone,
I'm between jobs atm (and probably won't close till next year) so if you need some help with an interesting project I'll pitch in for free


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I've been listening to three programming-language podcasts lately.

The #rust one ends with the host personally thanking all of his patreon supporters.

The #ruby one ends with the hosts thanking their corporate employer for continuing to sponsor the show.

The #javascript one ends with a "shameless plugs" segment where the hosts try to sell you their latest for-profit JS courses.

Obviously it'd be absurd to judge entire language ecosystems with a sample size of 1 each, but …

Shower coffee is my new favourite thing.

Looking forward to Hacktoberfest this year.

In case you're looking for a project I've got a few that could benefit from more contributions :)
One where there's still lots of work remaining is dbclone - very early stage of dev, got some ideas for it but not enough time ;)

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@phiofx As now LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft I've got to find the time to start posting as many articles about #OpenSource and alternatives to their products as possible :-)

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Ubuntu Macbook Update 6:

Two days ago I run into a scaling issue when connecting a low res screen.

I quickly learned that switching to Wayland should fix this. This morning I tried this with my laptop and hooked up a external display.

The good : gnome / ubuntu handles the scaling out of the box, no config needed.

The bad : Firefox does not support the scaling

The ugly: window scaling is very visible when dragging a window

Is Gnome web browser good?

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How could I have lived without knowing that?

# copy file to the :
xclip -sel c < file

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The first release candidate for 2.4.0 is out:

- DM column
- Better reports UI for admins
- Better privacy policy
- Bot account nameplates
- Custom emojis in profiles
- Custom profile properties

...lots of performance improvements and more!

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Here's a list of tracker domains I block through my /etc/hosts.
If I need to use a Google service I just uncomment it temporarily.

What do you block (if anything)? Would like to expand this list to cover more ground :)

BTW really weird to see how many websites depend solely on Google fonts (no fallback defined).

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