Milan data center unlocks a possibility to be much closer to all Italian end-users. Take advantage of high-bandwidth uplinks and low latency, that Milan location provides for the whole of Italy and deliver your data locally.
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Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals! Before 11/30/2020 you can get a 15% lifetime discount on the whole site! And 3 limited time offer servers, they are under $80.

Our Madrid locations offer great connections to all the local providers including Telefonica De España, France Telecom, and Vodafone. Its central location guarantees great connections to all the main business centers across Spain.
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Frankfurt has one of Europe’s highest network densities and serves as an aggregation point for networks serving five continents. It offers the best connections to local ISPs such as Deutsche Telecom.
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Paris is a major international financial and business hub as well as an exchange center for traffic between the US and Europe. It also provides great fiber connections to the Mediterranean region and African markets.
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Big Update! We have launched Build Your Own Bare Metal today! This service can help you to control everything on your hosting orders! You can choose the server specifications and plugins you need.

New Data Center! Our Charlotte data center is our new East Coast location. The ultimate in redundancy, our Charlotte data center just does not go “down” and history proves it. 100% uptime, zero packet loss, no headaches.

New Data Center! Situated in a bunker built by the US Army Corps of Engineers during the cold war, our Monticello data center offers highly secure data center floor space that is immune to nearly all conceivable forms of man-made and natural disasters.

CentOS 6 EOL is just around the corner, with its due date scheduled for November 30th, 2020. If you have servers running on CentOS 6 systems, make sure to prepare for this occasion.

We want to know how many people currently need ISP IP/residential IP, because we are planning to add more such IP ranges. We hope that friends who are interested in this will take a few minutes to fill out this simple survey. Thank you!

New Data Center! Cost-effective but capable of delivering maximum uptime for mission critical and enterprise requirements, our Bend data center is your choice in the Pacific Northwest USA. Located in Bend, OR, our data center resides in a region with low risk natural disasters and exceptionally low power cost. Get it today with a 10% discount, promo code (WD2G1IXX91)!

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