Hello Mastodon! New and hopeful here. I'm working towards a PhD, but would love to get back to writing dramatic emo stories.

Generally passionate about doing the right thing and won't shut up about it. Those types.

I love bluesy rock, and exchanging fiction recommendations. Working in , originally from . No pollution jokes, please, I'm damn sensitive.

Let's make Mastodon a safe, positive space! 🙂

@wabbster thanks! Just joined yesterday, couldn't get off it for hours!

@vrindarvkm I can imagine! I've been glued to Mastadon for the past three days!

@vrindarvkm Express, socialize and have conversation. Explore this world for it doesn't discriminate unless the plan is to spread hate. Enjoy the process of discovering new voices and to be heard also.

@QueenMollyBones hi there! How's it going? Enjoying Mastodon this far?

@QueenMollyBones I think it's mine too! It's only day 2 and I've probably spent time equivalent to 3 weeks on all other social media combined!

@vrindarvkm What's the PhD in? Remember, not too much story writing until that thesis is handed in!
(I've got a CS PhD from '97)

@penguin42 sigh, yes. The experiments won't let me.

The PhD is in EEB (ecology, evolution, behaviour). I study a beetle species - it's an interesting lineage!

A CS PhD, wow. What did you work on, broadly? You still in academia? I'm super undecided about what to do next.

@vrindarvkm I worked on microprocessors without clocks ('asynchronous'). I left academia and joined one of the startups that came out of our department and then stayed in industry. Have fun with the beetles!

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