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sometimes I get bored so I draw Simpsons screenshots

this isn't a joke so much as an apology

my friends: "I DM'd Vron a while ago &she hasn't answered, I hope she's not mad at me :("

me: hasn't seen it, won't see it for 11 hours until I remember to scroll down my DMs, currently bouncing between 3 groupchats talking abt kratom, Syria, & where the titties would go on cars

Spud got a bath bc he rolled in deer shit again :)

every time I go somewhere I gotta leave 40 minutes early to account for the time I spend just sitting in my truck

if I get something like this will I be able to put music from my phone or my computer on it. if yes does anybody have on they're not using bc a lot of these are more expensive than I thought

scored these at the thrift shop today for less than a dollar. my mom is probably gonna get me a tape to aux cable. I also need a tape recorder to tape over stuff and put my friends' podcasts on them because I think it would be funny

my truck only has a tape player because it's older than I am so where should I get tapes. I'm going to through my mom's collection rn but I just like them

thinking about getting in to graverobbing as a hobby

I pulled off the side of the road to check Twitter

if you know a better song about getting choked into unconsciousness for $200 I want to hear it

dried mango slices: pepsi tom's pick of the day

(warning: do not reply to this post) this is about my titties

car care tip: leave your headlights on overnight to make sure they're warmed up in the morning

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