i’m asleep now let me know if you’re asleep too

i was at the beach all day what'd i miss?

please use hashtag to indicate when you are awake

the only dunking i want is a donut from dunking donuts

@vrunt i don't know piano or notes. chords upset me. i just wanna make beats

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how do i make chill beats. i want to be a chill beats guy. how

lets get a positivity chain going
boost this and say something nice about me, vrunt

much nicer here than on the tweet network. i was a caustic jerk only due to peer pressure and the admins. now i’m completely absolved of my crimes. hugs to my fellow tooters

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hellchat now has a 140 character limit hell yea babey

whats better etiquette here?
slowly adding new follows or following a bunch but possibly unfollowing later? my timeline is already pretty busy

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