Сегодня не поставил слэш, а завтра бабу свою съешь

Сегодня не поставил слэш, а завтра бабу свою съешь

Find your MEP here and probably reconsider your choice for those don't have a right to vote, for instance
Here's how the European political groups voted on today (, Voss' proposal). Total: 366 in favour, 297 against / Data: europarl.europa.eu/sides/getDo

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Article 13 vote: The European Parliament endorses for all but the smallest sites and apps. Anything you want to publish will need to first be approved by these filters, perfectly legal content like parodies & memes will be caught in the crosshairs

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We're organizing a @gnome@twitter.com 3.30 release party in next week. Find out more and sign up at @GetTogetherComm@twitter.com: gettogether.community/events/1

Periodic reminder that there's always been more than two genders in Czech Republic

I'd love something like a instance that's for sharing (basically like an clone), with an app too.

Or perhaps a mode in Mastodon (and its apps) itself? …and, of course, better photo handling by default too.

(BTW: There should be a way to differentiate between sharing a photo you took and some random graphic, naturally.)

Weird, Firefox doesn't seem to like SSL certificate in Atom feed - e.g. mastodon.social/users/federico. Chromium works fine.

Where do I report that?


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