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7 steps to control your .

馃憠馃徎 Quit

馃憠馃徎 Install an ad/tracker blocker

馃憠馃徎 Destroy your

馃憠馃徎 Paint your face before going outside

馃憠馃徎 Write opt-out letters to each of the 4,000 data brokers

馃憠馃徎 Avoid other humans ( gets your from them)

馃憠馃徎 Move to a remote forest

International mailing list of critical studies / Daily updates ..


路 Sept 25-27: cities 路 Smart technologies, & human rights 路 Tactics of empowerment 鈥 Part II ..


Algorithms are not neutral & unbiased .. The ways that encodes racial biases in a single image ..

crypto_manifold 路 Presents artists multifaceted exploration & affective investigation of the panoptic application of technology ..


Put a 庐 watermark on your face mask, to make sure nobody shares a photo of you ..

Anti- strategies 路 Sara Sallam's Orwell jewellery thwarts invasive tracking technology ..

The wearables work to protect the user 's identity from , heartbeat detection or gait-tracking ..


50lb acoustic shield in response to reports of Long Range Acoustic Devices LRADs around the city/#NYC ..

The idea is these can be placed near an LRAD to mirror th attack back to the source ..

.. The at June 6, 2020 has deployed a Long Range Acoustic () to use against protesters ..


Digital for a Movement Against Violence v/ Rhizome .. practices for organizing and showing ..

Rhizome supports an uncompromising movement for black lives and against police violence ..


Anonymize Your Online Footprint-Info Security for Direct .. Internet-related tips for protesters ..

Learn how to cover your digital , either physically at the or when doing the work online ..



/ Self-Defense 路 Before the Protest:

馃憠馃徎 Enable full-disk on your device

馃憠馃徎 Remove unlock and

馃憠馃徎 Install

馃憠馃徎 Back up your data

馃憠馃徎 Buy a prepaid, disposable phone

馃憠馃徎 Dressing for and

In this podcast, Joana Moll talk about & their social implications, about technocolonialism, agency, , exploitation, speculation ..


Artbase redesign research by Lozana Rossenova is now available online .. Research for a New ..

Toward a new model for born-digital culture & a new interface for the archive .. v/



Reread this great article v/ 路 Sep 4, 2016 路 The Wars Are About to Get a Whole Lot Worse .. "It鈥檚 a coming storm of the century .."


路 This is a work-in-progress guide to web scraping as an artistic & critical practice, created v/ Sam Lavigne ..


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