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7 steps to control your .

馃憠馃徎 Quit

馃憠馃徎 Install an ad/tracker blocker

馃憠馃徎 Destroy your

馃憠馃徎 Paint your face before going outside

馃憠馃徎 Write opt-out letters to each of the 4,000 data brokers

馃憠馃徎 Avoid other humans ( gets your from them)

馃憠馃徎 Move to a remote forest

It is tremendous relief to learn that after over 8 years in captivity, 鈥攁narchist, hacker, participant in , and principled grand jury resister - is free .. Until all are free!

Recursive Colonialism, & Speculative Computation. Online 1-12 December 2020 ..


Branch is an magazine written by & for people who dream of a sustainable & just internet for all ..


New Extractivism 路 Assemblage of concepts & allegories. New map/essay by Vladan Joler .. Online at "Time Out of Joint" exhib. entirely taking place on the Darknet ..

馃憠馃徎 fjroxjgxhmd2ymp2.onion/artist-

Exhibition: SILENT WORKS 路 The Hidden Labor in -. Nov 7-28, 2020 at 5 p.m. ..


Pirate Care 路 Learning From Disobedience 路 8 Oct - 1 Nov 2020. The exhib. is an intro. to the increasingly present forms of activism ..


Censorship! French Interior Minister call to & finally censor the project '' by Paolo Cirio .. '' artwork & website 馃憠馃徎 goes down under legal threats ..

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4000 French Officers are identifiable with Facial Recognition .. This platform offers a database of 4000 faces of police officers to crowdsource their identification by name ..

Capture comments on the potential uses & misuses of & by questioning the asymmetry of power at play ..


Camouflage is not about hiding 路 is communication .. @adamhrv, "The mask in contemporary visual arts" Pictoplasma symposium ..


Index is facilitated & gathered by Mindy Seu. The WS was designed in collab. w/ & developed by Angeline Meitzler ..


Digital Crisis Research & Toolkit 路 The Digital Crisis offers a set of tools that promotes self-reliance & therefore -authority & less dependence over top down, imposed platforms ..



An Open P2P Resource for tech: Art, Academia & Activism .. An open knowledge list for all to add to, use, & share w/ others ..


Collection of resources abut post-digital materiality compiled by Paul Heinicker and Jonas Parnow ..


Join ONLINE, Sept 8 - 13, 2020 to imagine mesh, p2p & decentralized infrastructures of regeneration, repair, & .. Exhibited works ..


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