Congrats on for your wonderful new laws. You have joined the ABCD-compliant club. Thank you for observing the necessary 4 capital letter pattern to preserve my cheeky defintion.

In the end tbh I've been disappointed with the lean to techie wierdness in sub-communities here. To the extent that in the end I went with the vanilla new for @ceruleansounds

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Thanks @Burk for sharing the fact that youtube-dl is back up, though youtube-dlc may still be faster

Great to see @Doctorow shout out the v. “let’s be honest here guys” work of fellow ex-Balliol-PPE @Econ_Marshall, who I got to stay with in DC once and eat potluck with his friends from Jeopardy. Hope you’ve managed to pay off those international student fees homie |

Apple: “Hahaha You’re too Poor to Afford a Mac!” | 📺 My Satirical Take on “One More Thing”:

Apparently : please don’t bother coming back, the world is better of without you! Try Sunlit for

Learning Micro.Blog: Around 4 weeks ago: Micro.Blog cross-posts to changed from Public Vis to 1st degree Connections only. This excludes even Followers. Did I change a setting, or was there a change in ? |

Stay tuned for my vlog roundup on Mac night in the next hour

When I heard it was all Macs and no & I was gonna post: They should have called it “One More Thing… For Our Rich Customers” | But to be fair those prices aren’t much more than iPhone Pro | all the more reason to not buy the iPhone 12!!

I’m sure the New MacBooks M1 chips are groundbreaking etc. But do they have an Esc key?? 🤓 |

“There are only two industries that refer to their customers as ‘users’, one is of course , the other is the illegal drugs trade…” - Edward Tufte, quoted in ‘The Social Dilemma’ , demonstrated audaciously by Apple’s grinning mid-managers |

I know a lot of Micro.Blog folks (@cdevroe, @Burk) love . I’ve never considered separating Mac from screen. What’s the main benefit? Do you port it between home & work where you have big screens? Is it much lighter than MacBook?

“people are locked down and using the air to connect” … sorry “using the Air to connect”. That’s right folks, Apple are now assuming that their brand supercedes the age-old phenomenon of speech as a method of communication |

True to form Apple will only discuss their free software updates () in the context of their pricey hardware

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