Missed another year of @BenedictEvans predicting the future? Don’t worry I watched the whole thing + surrounding podcasts and digested it for you: blog.w4rner.com/2021/02/26/unb |

Got one of these for the first time! I rate this as a first step towards the sort of viable filtering that will be need to make Mastodon popular with average humans

@Gargron why do profiles on other servers in fediverse appear without profile pic? Can I make this come back?

Just learnt how to do reliable line-breaks in : “ “ | I kid you not: it’s 2 spaces at the end of a line | there’s something beautifully minimalist about a code designated by absence of any | but seriously that’s quite obscure | | before vs. after w4rner-test.micro.blog/

IG DM’s seem to have disappeared from CreatorStudio. Any ideas @instagram ? |

by @ajkln users beware: Excluded Sections are revealed if you chuck them underneath your live footer |

users beware: Excluded Sections display in Password-Protected sites | reported to @ajkln |

Always fun to see where search traffic comes from on @SimpleAnalytic. First search for any of my websites from @Ecosia God Bless that American. Still a couple Brits using Yahoo & Bing lol. Bingster, can I recommend @DuckDuckGo instead! | simpleanalytics.com/laurencewa

Published Landing Page Low-Code.Club, as web home of Club I’ve applied to create. Drop your email there to be notified if you’re interested in hearing from experts stretching tools like to their limits |

“Facebook Says “Technical Issues” Were the Cause of Broken Promise to Congress“. They can’t even implement simple filter but they want to believe they have voodoo data powers lol | themarkup.org/citizen-browser/

Now by @ajkln allow draft staged changes via the “exclude section” option! If they sort SEOwith Google to regard /# urls as pages, it will become number 1 choice for lightweight website builder |

Ed Snowden’s memoir’s gathering dust on my @ItalicType pause list 📚 | Perfect solution: a new Young Adult version :D #tech bookshop.org/a/15609/978125076

Signal is getting bloated (features catering for normies). I’m reminded of Cory’s thread about every becoming email eventually. If they develop a WhatsApp importer like Telegram it’s game over. twitter.com/doctorow/status/13

Speedtest by @Ookla have a new Video streaming test tool, where they test at HD, Full HD then 4K 👍 | Privacy Policy looks 👎 though: anyone know a focussed internet speed test? |

Hey Social Media,
I’m giving up my trusty LG this year to try out a “modern flip phone”: @TheLightPhone instead for my monthly FirstWeek FlipPh.one challenge.
I’ll update on my experience after each week!
w4rner blog.w4rner.com/2021/01/30/unb

Cop @Vimeo acting like and introducing downloadable thumbnails (I believe based on existing @Giphy integration). Here’s a fun example for today’s : Wrnr.me/light-phone | vimeo.com/blog/post/vimeo-love

Think Apple regs have freed us from location tracking? Think again: mobile SDK companies like (think of them as like website template sellers like Squarespace) embed tracking software there, incl so-called apps like | Try harder pls! expressvpn.com/digital-securit

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