🎙 @SamHarris and @EricTobin on Vaccine Hesitancy --- good simple stats & history of vaccines | countering & role of bad : wa.rner.me/2021/07/25/samharri

Carrdby @ajkln continue trend toward business > personal pages with another new template| but without approach to multi-pages with good SEO! — 464196e87775112b.demo.carrd.co

Tw @Dominic2306 finally updates us OG Wordpress subs that he’s moved behind paywall. | Missed opp not to transfer domain to Substack. Costs half of one of his subscriptions! | Pls walk walk more on | Still more than other politicos!

Tw @AndyYen on takeover making me think: is non-profit the only bankable business model for a company ?? — twitter.com/andyyen/status/141

M.b @mdrockwell re. cross-posting: surely better to just become an M.b user and get both anyway?! M.b is a far better ‘home’ platform than all Mastdodon servers I’ve seen in terms of quality & real-ness — initialcharge.net/2021/07/mast

Cummings slips up (”no one knows if Brexit god”, nek minute: “obviously Brexit good”) under pressure, but he’s still only one near power pushing good unbiased, e.g. @OurWorldInData. Shared an office with them for couple weeks and v. innovative ppl led by Max ... wa.rner.me/2021/07/22/cummings

🎓 glad to be back in the classroom @OxfordRoyale teaching | + for first time skills incl. Guest Speaker about getting with my @CeruleanSounds —

Caution by @ajkln users (clarification): you can’t 301 redirect from a /#link. This isn’t Carrd specific: but it’s another reason their /#hash link approach to pages is suboptimal for ambitious SEO-minded websites —

Caution by @ajkln users: Bug - when redirecting a url which was previously a section, it is not enough to simply Exclude it as shown. It won’t redirect. Even when you change the name too first. —

Carrd by @ajkln releases its first “start-up” template. I’d need to see better SEO on /# page links before creating a serious company site with it tho — 83871060dd31d4d6.demo.carrd.co

Is “audio sampling” different from this “Clip” feature I’m using here: youtube.com/clip/UgwkVtYrzRJ8g | how likely you’d only wanna sample audio not visuals too? — AMA |

YouTube claim they don’t notify subscribers of Shorts: so I’m surprised my Subscriber Status % is the same for both | Also is Shorts shelf actually released in UK consumer app yet cos I can’t see it?! — |

🎙 @BenedictEvans on & | space too chaotic, reliable: transparent content creators & ethical open web tools --- : wa.rner.me/2021/06/27/benedict

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