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📣 Q3 project: “RSS Metadata” | Wanna speak to a) beta testers: Feed Reader users & , b) tech co-founder: web dev, knows files | 📧 w at rner dot me |

wow YT’s reccing my BURNER phone reviews Phil Swift’s commercial fans. I must be a good salesman :D.
Haven’t decided on which ‘just-smart-enough’ phone to push for in 2023 yet, looking at you @WeAreMudita @Unihertz

Americans: wanna get as far from as poss? Consider Tuesday’s virtual presentations from @USUKFulbright & programs more generally.
I’m reading applications 1st time this year!
() seems like an easy way to mometise digi assets w/o resorting to burning planet . @dropbox I’d use if you allow custom-domain (or HTML-embeddable) ()

1 yr in and Truth Social hasn’t expanded outside American iOS users. They really built a digital wall!
Any savvy devs might wanna go snap up one of these domains to reach those users :D ()

While waiting on @protonmail to implement integration, have made a big leap on with API-linked username generation.
Main prob: stuck on 8-digit alphanumeric randoms like ‘7d79s6iv at domain dot tld’. Allow customization please !! ()

@CeruleanSounds back on IG, I kid you not, only because I’ve a friend who could internal support ticket at Meta.
@meta: raise your design quality, or don’t try to automate everything. You can’t have it both ways.

\@ummjackson has spot-on view on .
And Musk should concede that isn’t clued/up on automating scripts. No biggie. We didn’t use “cron” in recent CS Master’s.
Instead he looks like a politician pretending to know the price of bread

The fact that it took me the whole the month to find out that Zoom 1:1’s now have 40 minute timeouts, makes me proud of how I mostly use (E2EE) Signal video calls :D ()

Yeah but what Time @LL_Sports_Club?! As you’re not responding email & don’t have phone I’m resorting to
tweeting your negligence. Booking SFN73572772 ()

Hmm maybe being down will force supposedly savvy Redditers to either: a) own their images with e.g. or b) use more secure 3rd party link sharing e.g. ProtonDrive

Dunno why @Vimeo is email-promoting its Mac app. It’s barely functional and they told me its sunsetted ()

Introducing the new AirBnb.. for wealthy people!
Course this is Chesky’s favourite category…
I prefered it with air beds

I like this new template for mindful creatives, as they can describe what’s going on in different social channels, rather than just assuming the ubiquitous little circles speak for themselves ()

Vimeo continue to show themselves to be an unworthy ethical YT alternative. They’ve gone out of their way to deindex showcase pages to ransom already overpaying PRO members. ()

Alas, after a brave protest, Kremlin-backed Lenta returns to normal business. Which looks like a heady mix of Putin & softporn, esp. when you fully embrace the warm hug of propaganda & opt for “good news only” ()

Updated webpage to include group-sessions (revision or summer-school) increasingly leading. Also shout-out facilitator companies like @LanternaEdu, recently acquired @EliteIBTutors whose team > brand-name, so good move ()

\@SignalApp currently run by WhatsApp founder Brian Acton, just regained feature-parity (change number), and has a sustainable non-profit model. Meta clearly worried: 1st US media ads this year ( )

\@NetNewsWire custom article themes are dope, and a good template for how companies like Twitter should separate UI-design from data-housing as @BenedictEvans discussed. Though fun to see newsletter stylists like Lorde override them ()

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