I can’t help but find it adorable when by @ajkln can’t render an emoji, so “decomposes” it like it’s playing Charades… “male painter” = “man” + “painter” —

“Tech Tech Boom” spoof tech show is a great concept but I’m not convinced about delivery. What is the “laver” (sic) in trailer: bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p09h7nf1 | 1st gag in 1st ep identical: ‘product does nothing’ |does it get better @bbcsounds ? —

Twitter has the audacity to call it’s account search “People”. When you search “person” only 1 is not a ‘metal ghost in a rainbow box’ | 👂about Micro.blog, a Twitter companion full of humans — blog.w4rner.com/2021/05/24/jas

Thought I already told you: I’m in the 25%! - Though for me so stopped in 2014, if you enjoy it pls don’t be shamed into sending 💸 if you receive this, report to email provider & consider DMARC — blog.w4rner.com/2021/05/20/not

Agreed too many games @mdrockwell in ADAs. It’s because that’s now Apple’s main software revenue source (see @Benevans on this) — initialcharge.net/2021/06/ada-

Trend towards less extreme black dark modes. On Micro.blog @stett gives Marfa template a more muted DarkMode colour scheme (right), after @Tingle twilight blue tweak. Look forward to calling him tomorrow for advice on tweaking a template next week! —

The Focussed article I wish I’d written: by @CarlCassar from Alan Partridge’s ends | (Couldn’t find contact: but wanted to notify typo under Plausible image) | @Cloudflare since opened up to 10 sites free - but worse UI/UX as predicted. — carlcassar.com/articles/privac

Whilst I rate @_matthewpalmer indie hustle, and back the free tier of “🚀”, the free tier of “Vanilla” is easily ‘dwarfed’ by @dwarvesf “Hidden Bar” — matthewpalmer.net/rocket

SNVC @PolskyCenter (2/2): Axo | Zoom: window defo too small with 2! Miss Pitch “performance”! | Why do people pronounce “tenet” as “tenents”?? | Problem: specialty : boring but probably important. Could have explained basic terms clearer at start — axofoods.com/

SNVC @PolskyCenter (½): SAEF Legal Aid | disappointed Zoom-only (people should be bigger) but surprisingly seamless! | Problem: over past year appreciate of legal support | Soln: good to see costs taken seriously, but complacent knowledge of cybersecurity — saeflegalaid.org/

Was rad taking FirstWeek FlipPh.one through the @PolskyCenter ‘19. Don’t see anything super creative this year, but still look forward to tuning in & reviewing first 2 pitches of today’s final and hearing who wins — polsky.uchicago.edu/livestream

I’ve previously lauded @pentagram successful logo rebrands - but this one for @calendly was unecessary - no need to: a) simplify established brand, or b) signal product change - and visually botched — pls get back to product dev — medium.com/%5B@w4rner%5D(https

Sam Harris with Antonio Garcia Martinez @antoniogm 🎙- moral outrage fire by - call for companies to focus on making and less on hypocritical posturing --- : blog.w4rner.com/2021/05/29/sam

ugh @slack: please don’t offer ‘Continue with Apple’ and then not make it work with its core feature (seriously who’d “Share email” on Sign in with Apple?!) - the reminder to use work email makes me suspect a data broker play 🤢 —-

Quick tip: Best way to duplicate table: Sync, then Unsync — it retains field type vs. CSV import converts all to ‘Long Text’ | + it’s Free forever (Apr ‘21 phase-out binned) —

Fellow Brits: please do yourself a favour and print off this form today, fill it in & give it to your GP by June 23rd to avoid a lifetime of your data leaking to 3rd parties — nhs-prod.global.ssl.fastly.net

So-called “Q” is probably an individual from the West Coast who likes to travel to East Asia | cue the ending of Borat 2… — congrats @Bellingcat on exploiting failure to strip EXIF data & lazy iPhone screenshotting — p.s. avoid Gab (linked) — bellingcat.com/news/rest-of-wo

Attn advocates: bookmark darkpatternstipline.org/report to share awareness on nefarious UX designed to extract data | can submit anonymously w/o email | backed by @eff

Apple moving into ads @BenedictEvans | 1. surely data leaves phone cos linked to iCloud account?? | 2. when is ‘sign in with apple’ going to auto-function on websites on your own Mac? —

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