Same week AAPL celebrate their freedom to price gouge a US developer (Epic) and same summer they fire an employee over minor values disagreement, they fail to exercise the minutest clout behind a jailed freedom fighter pushing democracy -

Don’t do it until physical affordable. usb-c still 60 bucks. Password managers (recommend Bitwarden) til then —

FB: “We reviewed your report”. You’re either: a). manipulative (pretending to be a human, taking into account content of my confirmation message), or b). foolish, because I specifically asked you NOT to delete the email from the account —

The first time I’ve been glad for YouTube burying hyperlinks. Minimalist design on Video Chapters 👏

Two very cool new features from @signalapp on Desktop: 1. reduces noise, 2. reduces internet dependency (+ hon mention recent 4wk ⏱). | They claim 1. also added on latest iOS update, but still can’t see on Group Permissions there —

Notes on : main feature: Camera: ‘editing’ functions can now happen at the shooting stage w/ Cinematic Mode & Photographic Styles, + cinema quality shooting now under a grand | don’t buy this year unless visual creative —

“Moving digital artwork”… errr not really! @EveningStandard leading way on obfuscation!

re. by @troyhunt Opt-Out. Why would you wanna do option 2? Surely in 2 it’s just removed from HIBP’s ‘forked’ database, and still available in the original (or other leaked) datasets? —

Apple backed down on scanning our images for now. | gonna gradually slide away from iCloud now. | Now let’s ask other companies too, or join @protonmail. @dropbox anyone? —

Such a cool sketchnote from @BoffoSocko on Syndication. 👍 meaningful diss of POOSNOW. All acronyms should be as punny/descriptive: E.g. POSSE -> POSE : “look at me on my website” 📸| PESOS -> PESO cos it’s cheap —

It’s a shame that @ExpressVPN’s marketing team undermine the product so bad, cos it’s the only product which reliably works in China | Good to see @protonmail keeping it real as usual with their

Whilst I’m stoked @CulturedCode have kept updating Things free (unlike @Fantastical…) | half-hearted Markdown implementation: the only time I want to-do aesthetics is my daily print-off and it hasn’t affected that | and even digital’s too subtle —

Tw @Dominic2306 finally updates us OG Wordpress subs that he’s moved behind paywall. | Missed opp not to transfer domain to Substack. Costs half of one of his subscriptions! | Pls walk walk more on | Still more than other politicos!

Caution by @ajkln users: Bug - when redirecting a url which was previously a section, it is not enough to simply Exclude it as shown. It won’t redirect. Even when you change the name too first. —

YouTube claim they don’t notify subscribers of Shorts: so I’m surprised my Subscriber Status % is the same for both | Also is Shorts shelf actually released in UK consumer app yet cos I can’t see it?! — |

I rate the of @wise (follows pattern of simplification I advise) for their direct IPO, but press pic is horrid: don’t rate the clashing blues & burgundy chinos. —

Tip: integrations : when you go full @chrisdancy and add emojis to Table names, be sure to update name in your integrations, e.g. by @ajkln (e.g. signup form working again!) —

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