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Krzysztof Jankowski @w84death

I build my own Linux distribution using simple script. Now I can start making (simple) games for it. Because it badly needs black-jack and hookers ;)

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@themightyglider yes; I tried LFS before and filed, Arch Linux is too easy and it's nothing special in the end; But this! this is nice as I learn BASH scripts and Linux at the same time :)

Why did you use Linux 3.16 and not 4.x? Is it easier to work with this?

@themightyglider I wanted to start wit simple thing and 3.16 is supported till 2020 :) Then I will experimented with other kernels but I really don't see any differences so far. But I think I can make an option in the menu to choose from if it will be working fine.

With ncurses included you maybe would be able to compile a simple roguelike on your system. :)